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Enjoy Music in the bath ...  
... or listen to the news while you cook  
Gone are the days of multiple Hi/Fi systems and stacks of CDs scattered throughout the home.  Your entire music collection can now be centrally installed on a server and  accessed through touch screens.    
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Multi Room Audio

Freedom of Choice
Central music systems are versatile and take account of everyone’s tastes.  They allow the same music to be played throughout the home when entertaining or you can choose to listen to different music in different rooms at the same time.

Lifestyle & Ambience
Music is the breath of life.  Listen to the radio in the bathroom as you get ready for the day ahead or unwind to your favourite CD at the end of a busy day.  A central music system allows you create the right atmosphere to suit every mood and occasion.

Invisible – well almost!
Elegant touch screens give you full control of the system, while recessed ceiling speakers blend with the interior and all equipment is centrally located and out of sight.

We also offer a range of AV Equipment.
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