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Advanced Residential Cabling ...  
... the latest technology for new homes  
A high quality central cabling system, installed at construction stage, provides easy access to existing and emerging technologies.  
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Smarthomes Central Cabling System

The traditional cabling of homes for telephone and TV does not support the changing nature of communication and entertainment technology available today.  Designed, manufactured and patented in Ireland, the Smarthomes Central Cabling System supports existing and emerging services such as Telephone, Broadband, Cable and Satellite TV, HDTV, Home Cinema, Multi Room Audio Systems, CCTV etc.

The performance of home entertainment and communication technology depends on the quality of cables transmitting

the various signals and data. Smarthomes provides the latest in cable technology. The high quality, high speed multi-core cables installed by Smarthomes are designed for maximum performance. 

The Smarthomes’ system is separate from standard 220 / 240 volt power. Incoming Telephone, Broadband & TV services are brought to the Smarthomes Connection Centre, where they are distributed to pre-connected outlets in each room.  Flexible and upgradeable, the benefits are as valuable for the individual home as they are for large scale developments.


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