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Smart Heating Control...  
... using your mobile phone  
Working late or pre-heating your holiday home? Text Smart gives you flexibility and freedom.   
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Heating Control

Due to the demanding pressures of modern living and our busy schedules, Smarthomes have developed the Textsmart system which gives you the flexibility to customise your home heating to suit your everyday schedule and lifestyle. Smarthomes remote heating control module (Textsmart) allows you to turn your heating on or off from any location.

By sending a standard text message to the controller, which is in turn linked to your heating system in your home, you can now control your home heating from anywhere in the world. If you are running late or even ahead of time and need to adjust your timer at home, simply text your TextSmart module to turn on your heating for the required period. A confirmation message will be sent back to your mobile. With this system you can also find out the temperature in your home before deciding whether or not to intervene. It is also an ideal system for holiday homes which allows you to text ahead to ensure that you arrive to a warm and welcoming retreat. Similar to a mobile phone, the TextSmart unit contains a standard mobile phone SIM card. The basic TextSmart system controls single heating zones and overrides your existing heating controller or time clock when required. If your home has more than one heating zone (e.g. upstairs / downstairs) you can choose our Textsmart IQ300 model which can control up to 3 independent zones.

The following are some of the key features of the Textsmart system:

- Remote on/off control from almost anywhere in the world

- Up to 9 hours boost function

- Remote temperature monitoring

- Remote confirmation of on / off status

- Manual override button to turn heating on / off from TextSmart unit

To achieve these benefits in new homes it is important that the correct cabling is installed in the appropriate location, at build stage, to facilitate the future installation of the remote heating control module.



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