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Newsflash …  
... Smarthomes Project 'Climote' launching Nov 15th 2011  

WE HAVE INVENTED TECHNOLOGY that will transform the way up to 70% of Home Energy is Controlled, Monitored & Managed.

THIS REALLY IS A GAME CHANGING DEVICE that will change how we manage our home energy forever. This is the end of wasting energy as the heating will only be on when you want it on. There is no going back to arriving home to COLD HOUSE & the 1 hour wait for the house to warm up or the WASTED heat used up when trying to GUESS when you will be at home.

HOME ENERGY COSTS are a big concern for the 28 million home owners in IRL/UK. Our technology can be installed in less than 30 minutes and this will have an instant impact on reducing those energy costs.

OUR PATENT PENDING INVENTION can be installed by simply replacing your traditional heating time clock and in less than (30 mins) you will have full heating control using simple Text Message,Smart Phone App, Website, or the controller directly.

CHURN FOR ENERGY UTILITIES is a huge problem & this solution gives them an inexpensive means to provide their customers with the Ultimate User Experience. Their customers will save on their energy bills using COOL, user-friendly Branded Smartphone Apps, and an easy to access Web Portal.




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