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Flexibility, Access, Reliability ...  
... Smarthomes enhance your new home  
“This house is the realisation of our dreams and we are so delighted that we researched, and invested in the most modern technologies.  As a result, we have a comfortable family home that is worth even more.”   
Paul McArdle, Fiona Fisher, Foxrock, Dublin
Home Owner

Why choose a Central Cabling System?
We have all experienced the limitations of not having access to services where and when we need them. A Central Cabling System future proofs your home, integrates your communication and entertainment services into one easy to use system and allows you install equipment as and when your time and budget permit. The main benefits include:

  • Access to Services in all Rooms
  • Flexibility in Room Usage
  • Eliminate Cable and Socket Clutter
  • Seamless Integration of Technology
  • Adding Value to Your Property
  • User Friendly

Why choose a Smarthomes Solution?
The award winning system is approved by all major service providers such as Eircom, NTL, Sky, Magnet, BT, etc. We guarantee you peace of mind based on our extensive experience and expertise, completing thousands of new homes each year.


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